The hallmarks of Agriturismo Tenuta Bortone farm stays are a great love for our work, taking care of our guests, attention to detail and love for our land. These are the things we take pride in and which we hope we can share with everyone who chooses to stay with us.
Our farm is pleasant at any time of the year, warm and cosy in winter, thanks to the large fireplace in our lounge, and cool in summer. We have a welcoming and spacious indoor hall, and in warm weather we treat our guests to a pleasant breakfast outdoors, in the shade of the olive trees.

About us

Agriturismo Tenuta Bortone offers farm-stay accommodation in the heart of the Cilento district of Campania, with six rooms, all furnished differently but with the same special care and attention to detail. Our rooms are simple but tastefully and elegantly fitted out and designed to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay in a warm and welcoming environment. They all have a large double bed and modern en-suite bathrooms with a large shower. We can add a further single bed or baby cot on request. Our rooms come in three types: deluxe, with balcony, superior and economy.



Rutino A small rural village in Cilento, nestling between the Alento Valley and the mighty castle of Rocca Cilento, with a long and interesting history. Due to its elongated narrow form the locals like to refer to it as being “long and thin”. Once a fief of the noble Sanseverino family, it has a long and interesting history and a longstanding association with the Archangel Michael, since the time of the Lombards, who conquered these lands in the early Middle Ages, which was also when the relics of the Apostle Matthew were transferred here. After the Lombards converted to Christianity, they made the warrior saint, the Archangel Michael, the patron saint and protector of the village, placing his image on their shields and banners to secure victory, thus spreading his cult to all the lands they conquered. The first historical document to mention the dedication of the village church to St. Michael dates back to 1567 and, since 1866, every second Sunday in May, he is celebrated here with a re-enactment of the duel between the angel and the devil, as representing the fall of Satan and his followers from heaven. A child dressed like St. Michael, in a deep blue and gold tunic, with a silver breastplate and helmet and carrying a lance, magically appears in the sky tied to a rope over the main square. This Flight of the Angel is symbolic of the victory of Good over Evil, an invitation to replace pride and hatred in our hearts with peace and love.

Oasi fiume Alento
Located in the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, the River Alento
Oasis is a large nature park offering a broad range of attractions. There is also an earthen weir built across the river to create an artificial lake of about 1.7 square kilometres. The nature reserve is located on the right bank of the river, dotted with small lakes of great environmental value, where the rich local biodiversity can be preserved. The pristine state of the natural habitat here has been attracting nature lovers, as well as families, schools and sports enthusiasts, for many years.
The area offers guided tours, excursions on horseback and by bicycle, with electric cars and buses, educational workshops, a botanical garden, a picnic area with barbecue facilities, two bars, football and volleyball fields, an area for themed exhibitions and for holding banquets, facilities for archery and sailing, trekking trails, birdwatching huts, bicycle and mountain-bike rental, a playground and even a conference centre.


Discover the nature
and traditions
of Cilento.

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday while discovering the nature, the food & wine traditions and the historical heritage of the Cilento district, then Tenuta Bortone is definitely the place to head for.